At the beginning of this submission I wish to point out this is an individual submission on behalf of myself and in no way claims to articulate the views of any other person or group.

From the outset I am making very clear that I believe these talks are fatally flawed, and whilst I am not in any way criticising you or your team, I believe there are a number of issues which lead me to this conclusion. 

I feel that the community I come from has been sold a pup, so to speak, in regards to the peace process. 

Whilst I appreciate that you are not here to deal with the set up of Government, I feel it is important to set the correct context for this submission. 

We are denied the right to have an opposition and instead have an enshrined veto granted to those who's very aim is to destroy this Country. This veto was granted to them as a political deal acheived through violence and the threat of violence. 

Those around the table will seek to address the legacy of the past. I contend that it shouldn't needed addressed, it is clear for all to see that we had a terrorist organisation seeking to destroy the State. The legacy of the past has become an issue because of Sinn Fein's attempts to create a narrative of the past that in some way justifies their unjustifiable deeds. 

There can be no compromise on this issue, to do so is to legitimise the actions of enemies of the state. 

Would America sit around the table with Al Queda and allow them to justify 9/11? 

Sinn Fein/IRA are a day and daily living example of what can be acheived through violence and mayhem, they have yet to say what they did was wrong. They glorify it.

In terms of flags and parades it all goes to the core issue and that is that for some twisted reason the people of N.Ireland are expected to share our Country with those who wish to destroy it. I again ask, would America share space with Al Queda? 

Shared space and true peace can only come about when all political parties and groups accept Northern Ireland as a Country and desist from seeking to piece by piece dismantle it. 

The Sinn Fein manufactured issue of flags should not be an issue, it is a matter of National pride and where else would you have to beg or negotiate to flag the fly of your own Country. 

This is non negotiable in my eyes. 

The parading issue is complicated by the fact that the iniquitous Belfast agreement grants more power to an unelected quango such as the parades commission that it does to elected politicians and sets the threshold extremely high for when the Secretary of State can even overturn any of the illogical and bizarre decisions. 

This commission has acted in the same vain as the Belfast Agreement, it has rewarded Republicna violence and the threat of violence. 

Those in the room with you Mr Haas are the elected reps and they have a huge mandate but I must warn that there is a significant amount of people in the loyalist community who feel unrepresented in the talks and who are of my view, that the PUL community has given up enough. Why take part in talks when you have nothing to give? 

I believe this process will end with the Unionist reps giving up more ground and ultimately this will create more discontent from the sizeable minority who will resist any further compromise and effectively any compromise made will actually fan the flames of loyalist resistance even more. 

Of course you may choose to ignore this and indeed it is only my view which carries no more weight than any other individual, but I firmly believe that these talks may find some agreement but to do so there will have to be more compromise and there is a sizeable minority within loyalism that will not accept this. 

Indeed I think you will find the sizeable minority will swell considerably should there be any more 'deals' with Sinn Fein. 

The core truth of the matter is that you cannot compromise with those that wish to destroy your Country.

Appeasement only makes the aggressor more agressive. 

Jamie Bryson


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